Errr.... Is this thing on?

So, here it goes. Oh god, I'm already a walking blog cliche. (In fact, I'm so cliche, I think I started my first tumblr blog in the same fashion.) But, I digress. 

I like the idea of blogging. I want to blog. I think for the sake of saving the English language I need to blog. (My tweets and texts are examples of the downfall of the human race. It's shameful.) but, I also doubt I have much of anything to say that would interest the world (Walking cliche, again. ::Panics:: Hit exit now. This isn't worth your time!) Well, hopefully I have a few faithful friends and twitter followers that will take time to read this, whatever it turns into! Also, I'm sure a few shameless plugs on my twitter account wouldn't hurt either!  :-)

Alright, so, to do the cheesy introduction or not? *thinks*

I think a long the way you'll get to know me enough to skip the pleasantries, plus, most of you reading this are twitter followers and already know.

So finally, the focus of this blog? Well... *looks at the ceiling* It's pretty much going to be whatever I feel like. 
  • Book reviews (I read more than Vampire fiction, I promise)
  • Movies reviews (I watch more than chick flicks, I swear)
  • TV reviews (Alright. You caught me. I watch angsty teen dramas) 
  • Vampires (Deal with it.)
  • Wolves (Arrooo!)
  • Vegetarianism (Mmmm)
  • Recipes (Vegetarian, of course)
  • Family (My life)
  • Life (My family)
  • Crohn's Disease (My curse)
Oh, and you're all probably going to hear a lot about this guy:

My nephew, Aiden <3.  He falls under "life/family" category, I guess. But I can never resist a shameless proud Auntie plug! 

Until next time.